Great Friends, Full Bellies and Big Plans

So it has been two weeks since my first post and since then I have felt forced to venture deep into the baffling question of “Do I have anything blog-worthy to write about today?” Well today I finally realized some big stuff happened in my life recently! WARNING- this post is a little long winded….so I shall not dilly daddle and get right to it!

*Fun story that doesn’t relate to much but must be shared: The week before Thanksgiving, I was at work patiently awaiting the long break. Fortunately, the temperatures had steadied in the 30s, and in Colorado that is actually pretty warm during the day (I still don’t fully understand this state, because 30* in Florida is some hardcore ‘we’re not doing a darn thing outdoors today’ kind of weather). But because it was warm, we actually got to get out of the office and drive around down in the training areas. When we get the opportunity, we drive into areas where there is no live firing or training and just look around for safety hazards, areas that need re-vegetating or (more likely) just drive around killin’ time. Most of that week was spent parked downrange where I enjoyed a lively show put on by our chubby little plague carriers- Prairie Dogs! …literally, they have the plague, don’t touch them! But they are FASCINATING! Observing their communication habits alone was enough to keep me interested for a while. **side note- the wildlife guys tried to lessen their numbers by putting poison in the burrows and burying them…well the other chunk butts came and dug their friends out. Like I said, fascinating!**

 Prarie Dog

Finally Wednesday came and we all got to leave work early! I normally work 0630 to 1630 but I got to leave the office at 10! Good timing too because Jake’s company/platoon/whatever was having their annual Turkey Bowl that morning and families were invited. Jacob is still broken from a knee injury he made 10x worse in April so he got out of playing, but there was free food and lots of friends. And while I’m sure you could care less, I just wanted the chance to share the beautiful view.


Photo Credit to my lovely friend Denise

Finally…THANKSGIVING DAY! We were invited to a Thanksgiving potluck with a lot of people Jake works with. This turned out to be super convenient because I have found over the years, there is no point in cooking a huge traditional dinner when there are only two people to enjoy it. For this potluck, I made mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch (ensuring I put lots of Everglades seasoning in the mix to make the fellow Floridians miss home) as well as mini pumpkin pies! For those of you on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen them, if not, click here! They were awesome.

We did not go anywhere at 4am on black Friday, but we did load up with friends later in the day and took a trip to numerous stores including Bass Pro where I got Jacob a new compound bow- kind of early Christmas I guess! *check back later for archery shenanigans*  We also went to Cabela’s where I saw this gravity defying mountain lion mount and begged Jake for probably 10 minutes to pose for this picture….enjoy peeps, this took a lot of work haha

He can be so difficult sometimes...but I got the picture!

He can be so difficult sometimes…but I got the picture!

THEN came the big money! The house we are buying will not include a washer & dryer, and those aren’t easy to live without soooo, with twisted arms, we looked to buying a set. I’m not fond of washing my clothes in a vessel that has held strangers dirty linens so new it had to be. Luckily, the home improvement stores have black Friday sales all week so we went to Home Depot and (after momentarily feeling great disappointment because the red ones weren’t available) we fell in love with a wonderful Samsung set! I guess this is adulthood huh?….getting excited about a new washer & dryer…. Never the less, we saved almost $800 with black Friday deals! Part of being a responsible, grown-up adult is budgeting finances so we timed it right and instead of enjoying Starbucks and new clothes the past few weeks (like I wanted to), we prepared for the purchase and paid for them in full! I only mention that because I am super duper proud of myself haha no financing over here!  **check back later for the laundry room make-over!**

So after four and a half days of a wonderfully long too short break, I am back at work prowling for coyotes instead of prairie dogs this week. Thanks for reading!

Sneak peak of the next post…


Can you guess what I am planning?

 Also, tune in this weekend to see the new home! If the rest of the paperwork goes smoothly, we close on Friday!


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