Easy DIY Table Makeover

Here is what my dining table looked like before:


Okay so not awful but not really that great either. It was a cheap-o set we got from Walmart. The dark mocha color looked great in our apartment. Beige walls…..beige carpet….dark brown furniture, perfect! But now were in the new house and it did not look good next to light wood floors, especially after we got the charcoal gray sofa. Just too dark. SO it was time for an update.

Here is what my dining table looks like now:

DIY Dining Table Makeover

DIY Table Makeover

It brightens up the space so much and I know it will look PERFECT when I finish my chandelier later this week! πŸ™‚

Here is how I completed this makeover-

Materials needed:

  • Six 2”x6”x6’ (I bought three 2”x6”x12’ and cut to size)
  • Paint for table base (I made white chalk paint)
  • Stain for table top (I used Minwax stain in Special Walnut)
  • Sandpaper (medium and fine)
  • Electrical sander (optional- it’ll just make it A LOT easier)
  • Clear or natural finishing wax or spray polyurethane in Satin or Matte
  • Four USP lumber connectors straps at 24″ long- found near roofing section of Lowes (lengths and quantity will vary depending on inventory availability and your table needs)
  • Screwdriver
  • ¾” wood screws (~20-25 screws)


  1. Remove old table top. Mine was attached to the base with 13 screws all around. Keep these screws so you can reuse them for the new table top.
  2. Paint table base and legs desired color. I used a chalk paint recipe because I wanted the finish to be textured and imperfect. Just google chalk paint recipe with plaster of paris- that was my favorite. I did not sand before painting and it is holding up just fine. Distress with sand paper after paint dries (optional).Base

    Here is a close up of the texture and distress detail

    Here is a close up of the texture and distress detail

  3. Sand the 2”x6” boards (after cutting them, if you bought longer boards) with medium grit sandpaper so they are smooth and the edges and corners are slightly rounded. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove wood dust.
  4. Stain boards desired color. I applied my stain with a foam brush, let sit for 4 minutes and then wiped off with an old t-shirt I had cut into squares for such a project. Make sure you stain the sides of the boards so unstained wood is not visible in finished project.
  5. After desired stain is achieved and wood has dried for ~24 hours, sand the boards again with fine grit sandpaper to add distress and smooth out final finish.
  6. Apply finishing wax or spray poly as directed.
  7. After everything is dry, attach boards together using lumber connector straps and ¾” screws on the bottom of the new table top. I originally wanted to use two 32” straps but Lowes did not have any in stock so I used four 24” straps and staggered them slightly (two on each end). I put 2 screws through coordinating holes in each board.

    Straps staggered on the underside of the table. This will keep all the boards together and will prevent them from independently sliding and shifting.

    Straps staggered on the underside of the table. This will keep all the boards together and will prevent them from independently sliding and shifting.

  8. Flip top over and attach to base/legs just as the old one was attached. I used the same screws and holes the old top used.

**Jake suggests putting a glass sheet on top if you have kids or if your SO tends to spill drinks. Otherwise, we have just chosen to use place mats (and cups with lids) when we eat**

And that’s it! Admire your new beauty! I added new chairs (mostly because painting the old ones wasn’t working out very gracefully and that was my excuse to buy the chairs I’ve wanted for who knows how long!)

Restoration Hardware REMY side chair

Restoration Hardware REMY side chair

Aren’t they beautiful?! But they’re $149 EACH (although they’ve been on sale for a while at $99 each but that’s still insane!) I found the exact same chairs at American Furniture Warehouse in Colorado Springs for $55 each. That’s much better but still too much for me because I am what some might call a chronic cheap-ass. So I gave up on the dream UNTIL I started getting more of those “Welcome to the neighborhood, you just bought a whole flippin’ house but buy our crap to fill that expensive beast” coupons from various businesses. Well AFW sent me two $25 off of $100 coupons. Those coupons are a lie though (a good lie). I went into the store and ordered 2 chairs. The total was $110 but after the coupon was selected (just straight out of a drop down box so there’s no way the people messed up a code or anything), my total after tax was $64. Last time I checked 110-25 did not equal 64 but WHO WOULD COMPLAIN?! Certainly not I. I later went back and used the other coupon for 2 more chairs. So I got 4 of these beautiful industrial chairs for my farmhouse table for $128. Way better than $149 or 99 each. SCORE. Moral of the story: ALWAYS shop around and NEVER NOT use a coupon πŸ™‚

Now all that is left to do is upholster the bench that came with the table. I plan on using a canvas drop cloth and adding tufts. Maybe a picture of the bench will end up in the final house tour (once I get this place looking how it should!)


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